Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dog in the mail box

I am waiting...waiting...waiting...Why wont the mailman come????

I have my dog waiting for the mailman. Waiting.....waiting.....waiting....and waiting..... Why won't the mailman come? I wonder? I have been waiting for days. The anticipation is killing me. I am going nuts. But when it arrives, the rush of excitement is awesome.

I am making my dog go banana when the mailman comes. He is able to smell the mailman a few blocks away. I am as excited as my dog. He..he..he......


Larry M. Young said...

to train your dog

kurye said...

Çok şeker

bizebirkurye said...

very sugar a dog.. http://www.bizebirkurye.com/2018/03/kavacikmotokurye.html

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