Monday, February 16, 2009

Hearing Dogs

It is amazing how hearing dogs give assistance to these people who have hearing impaired. They alert the deaf owners of sounds like doorbell, telephone ringing, smoke alarms and all other household sounds.

With hearing dogs around the house, life has change for the deaf owners. Alerting them of dangers like smoke from the iron or gas stove and giving day to day assistances like microwave oven dings, doorbells rings.

Like this 7 years old Evie Crook, Gem the golden labrador hearing dog has transformed her life alltogether. full story .....

7yr old Evie Crook with her guide dog Gem the youngest
person to have a guide dog to help with her deafness


Life-Changing Hearing Dog of the Year

Eddie - a three-year-old hearing dog that acts as the ears for his severely deaf owner has been named Life-Changing Hearing Dog of the Year by the charity that trained him. For full story ....


PwD-SD said...

I have several friends that has a hearing service dog. Like all types of service dogs they are just amazing. Although I don't have a hearing service dog I do have a combinational service dog for many multiple disabilities. I wouldn't be with out him.

Monis said...

Service dogs are trained dogs giving assistance to the disabled person. PwD-SD, we love to hear your story.

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