Friday, December 12, 2008

All I want is a Dog for Christmas

Christmas is a season of giving and you are thinking of giving a pet dogs as a Christmas gift? You might be giving in to your children's demand and pleas for a dog or your promise to your little darlings for a adorable cute little doggie as a christmas present. The idea is with warm thoughts in mind. But are they really a right gift and a good idea?

Pet shops are urging parents to think twice. The reason being that are they really committed to having a dog. Are you prepared for the extra chores that is required? Are you willing to take the dog for a daily walk? Feeding, potty training, cleaning and so on. What if the destroy your precious items? Are you going to punish them to release your anger? Most untrained dogs like to bite at anything.

Having a new dog around the house during the holiday season is totally a bad idea. You will not have the time to look after them when your children is tired playing with them. As mentioned earlier the extra chores during holiday season is very tiring.

Dog food is not cheap. Not to mentioned you need to take them to vets for jabs. What about their toys and accessories? Dog training cost money as well unless you know how.

So before you buy the dog as a present, make the neccessary survey first. If all is thumb up then go ahead with it. If the new dog owner can take care of the new pet, then the dog wont be neglected.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dog Saves Dog at Highway

Dogs are truly amazing sometimes. This is what we have never seen before. Kinda of make me want to cry after seeing this video. Just happen to come across this video at youtube.

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