Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obamas to Consider shelter dogs

The puppymania has begun for the local pet rescue organizations, lobbying the President-elect Barack Obama who has promised a puppy for his daughters. The family is looking for one of the few breeds considered hypoallergenic.

Animal help groups hope the Obamas to consider shelter dogs as the Obama family's decision to get a rescue dog can change and give hope to millions of animals not only in US but mabybe, yes maybe worldwide. It surely will change the peoples mindset of shelter animals.

The Obamas have said they aren't getting their new dog for at least two more months, until they're settled in the White House. So in the meantime, to all hypoallergenic dogs, get ready, be trained, be groomed and look your best for the big day when you will be chosen. Good luck to the shelter dogs. Which one of you will be adopted by the First Family.

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