Saturday, June 28, 2008

Break the Habit of Jumping

Dogs jump on people for a variety of reasons. They want attention. They want to be closer to you, and jumping gets their face closer to your face. It can be a very pushy friendliness. And it can be a dominance gesture. But this can hurt a child, or an elderly person, during the collision.

If you push a dog away, he is being rewarded by getting your hands on him. If you yell “get down”, that is also attention. To discourage jumping, ignore your dog, also turn your back, or walk away when he jumps.

This removes the reward, and incentive, and prevents jumping from being a successful behavior. When a dog sits, praise him, or give him a treat. Withhold all attention (even eye contact, or speaking), until all four paws are on the ground. Ask visitors to pet your dog only when he sits. This teaches your dog to associate good things: attention, praise, treats, with sitting.

There’s no quick and easy cure. Be consistent. Your boisterous dog will learn to be calmer and more courteous.


Katrina said...

Great tips. Jumping can be a hard habit to break pups of.

Anonymous said...

nice blog.

Anonymous said...

nice blog.

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