Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What sort of personality does your dog have?

A dog's temperament is shaped by its heredity, environment and breed characteristics. All dogs are different, and training methods that work on a boisterous Boxer might intimidate a petite Pomeranian. Not every dog will behave exactly like others of the same breed, but it's a good idea to study up on your particular type of dog in order to have an idea of why your Fido might act like he does. If you have a mixed breed, look up the different breeds your dog may have in his lineage.

Maybe you have a terrier who stubbornly does what she wants to do, never what you want her to do. With independent dogs, make sure you are firm (but not intimidating) and teach with authority.

If your high energy dog never stops for a second to even look your way, train no-nonsense way; it's work time, not play-time.

Then there are the shy dogs. They need to be taught with gentleness, but not coddled into being high-strung.

Some dogs do seem harder to train than others. But almost every dog will respond when taught with love, patience and consistency.

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