Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Teething Puppies

If you catch your puppy chewing something inappropriate, sternly say “NO,” and give your puppy an appropriate chew bone or toy. Praise him when he begins to chew on the appropriate item.

Bitter-tasting liquids are very helpful to apply to your furniture and handy to use on a bandage after a veterinary procedure to keep dogs and puppies from chewing the bandage.

When the permanent teeth begin to erupt, provide your toy puppy with an appropriate chew toy, something that is soft and that is not going to be swallowed and cause intestinal blockages. Choose an assortment of toys of all textures. In fact, dogs need to chew throughout their lives. It is wise to provide your adult toy dog with plenty of chew toys and bones that are soft and hard. Select items that are the right size for your toy breed puppy or dog. Choose carefully because some of the toys on the market might be just a little too hard for a toy breed. Avoid cow hooves with sharp edges. Broken teeth and sliced gums can be a real problem for dogs and puppies who chew on processed cow hooves.

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